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Tai'an Ruite fitness equipment center Brand
Business Model
Shandong Ruite main processing and sales of various fitness equipment, sporting goods, sports venues, and environmental protection facilities. Products include: mechanical treadmill, massage chair, massage chair, SMC outdoor table tennis table, PVC sports flooring, plastic playground, basketball, abdominal muscle board, foot bath, table tennis table, outdoor fitness equipment, boiler dust remover, desulfurization dust remover, granite desulfurization dust remover, the water film dust collector, granite desulfurization dust remover products. Company address: Tai'an City School Field Street No. 4 (Xiehe Hospital South) Qilu body art telephone:
Main Products
Massage chair mechanical treadmill, massage chair, basketball billiard table, water film dust remover, desulfurization dust remover
Contact information
Contact:   Wang Zhaohua
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  School of city of Tai'an province Shandong Chang Street West No. 4 Qilu body art (Xiehe Hospital South)