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Wenxian County port temperature Machinery Factory Brand
Business Model
Our factory is located in the hometown of Tai Chi, north of Jiaozuo, south of Zhengzhou, east of Xinxiang, west of Luoyang, built in 80 years, is a producing enterprise of food machinery earlier local area, but also the birthplace of corn noodle machine. The strength of the economy, the leading technical level. For the city of Jiaozuo City Hall key support enterprises. The leading product is series of food machinery, packaging machinery series, pure corn noodles. Subsidiary body for the study of plant the largest green food and machinery technical school. Study on the main production of pure corn Hanging noodles, corn instant noodles. Mechanical technical school each year for various types of construction machinery manufacturing and transport a large number of excellent Turner, fitter and welder. The factory has R & D department, information department, sales department, public relations department, technology department, financial department and other departments. The sales department has a professional repair personnel door-to-door after sale service for the customer, for the customer to terminate any menace from the "rear". At present, except Tibet provinces including Taiwan are the products of our factory, and exported to South Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast asia. Hong Kong people always uphold temperature does not rely on the media speculation, but the brand effect. Enterprise philosophy: service oriented, customer first. Enterprise purpose: refused to mediocrity, the pursuit of excellence. Enterprise slogan: intelligent management, industry serve the country.
Main Products
Dough rolling machine, cold noodle machine, steamed stuffed bun machine, gluten washer, corn noodle machine
Contact information
Contact:   Ran Jiwen
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Henan Wenxian County Ren Min Lu Bei Duan Dong Liang the intersection