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Xiamen Huimin housekeeping Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Xiamen Huimin homemaking company was founded in 2001 February, is located in Xiamen City downtown area, the company focused on brand awareness, "a domestic brand, tree industry model" is our business principle. The purpose of the service, professional training, special Huimin domestic employment, service consciousness is strong professional skills of staff, provide a comprehensive cleaning the floor waxing /. Pipeline dredging / hydropower appliance repair / air-conditioning disassembly ammonia cleaning and disinfection / move / painting / hood cleaning repair / toilet repair disassembly / repair / gas burner nanny service and so on each project. Huimin homemaking is integrity unit of Xiamen service industry, to create the Xiamen clean air conditioning water and electricity installation and repair of dredging industry brand, our high standard demands on themselves better for your service! High altitude operation, external cleaning installation and so on. Telephone: 15160003276 QQ: 564782125 E-mail: Address: Lotus Mimura Kaxiuri Siming District of Xiamen City
Main Products
Housekeeping service, part-time, home appliance repair, pipeline dredge, move move factory
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Zhang
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Lotus Mimura Kaxiuri Fujian Siming District of Xiamen City No. 41