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Zhongtian secondary color laser printer copier equipment company Brand
Business Model
中天二手办公设备有限公司专业销售与回收二手办公设备,工程机,复印机,打印机,针式打印机,电脑各种办公耗材等.主营业务有二手打印机设备,长期批发,二手打印机,二手激光打印机,二手彩色打印机,二手彩色激光打印机,二手黑白激光打印机,广东二手打印机,广州二手打印机,佳能二手打印机,二手彩色印刷机,柯尼卡二手复印机,二手彩色扫描仪,二手激光打印机,二手复印机,二手彩色复印机,佳能二手复印机,数码复印机,二手数码复印机,二手高速复印机,二手彩色扫描仪,二手扫描仪,二手复印机,二手办公设备,二手黑白打印机,二手高速打印机,打印机配件,二手彩色复印机,二手惠普一体机,二手多功能一体机,二手三星一体机,二手兄弟一体机,二手佳能一体机,二手激光一体机,二手打印一体机等二手办公设备的销售与服务.日本一手货源,长期低价供应各种打印机复印机耗材(保 Card A4 full version of print color costs are on the 1 corners of money around the full version of A4 black and white print only 1 cents cost). The company's commitment to the sale of machines within one year free warranty, within a year of any problems can be the replacement of free (including the main board, power board, the interface board, laser head, gear and so on, but does not include a fixing heating component, toner cartridges and other supplies and man-made damage etc.).
Main Products
Second-hand printer, color printers, laser printers, digital copiers
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Liu
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Dali Town, Nanhai District Foshan City Guangdong Province