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Xiamen Dragon Network Technology Service Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
"Dragon World" is a famous brand of Xiamen dragon network company under the. Website construction we power China SMEs more systematic, brand. Our country with partners to provide users with the best Internet application services! We are a team of highly qualified technical team, gather a group of industry class of young, energetic people. They have a good performance and a wealth of experience in their respective positions, more attractive is their creativity and devotio. Our team members are the elite of the design world, trained in the art of higher education, after multiple work to hone. And has a major domestic and foreign enterprises to the successful experience of cooperation. Our strength and coordination is absolutely capable of any design that has challenge sex works! Construction and operation management of dragon world more focused on brand websites, really let the website has become the enterprise out of the dilemma, into the glorious tool.
Main Products
Website building, website promotion, software designing, self-help, portal website operation
Contact information
Contact:   Chai Qizhu
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Xiamen software park two sunrise Road No. 56 2F