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Yueqing Huanzhou appliances Brand
Business Model
Specializing in the production of CJX2-D09~CJX2-D630 series and CJX2-F115~CJX2-F800 series AC contactor, while sales of automatic import of low-voltage electrical appliances and the domestic and foreign famous products, sales of the company products are mostly has reached the standard CCC, UL, CSA certification, CE, VDE and other international, sales to obtain the test standard of the product, is the responsibility of the customer and work attitude
Main Products
Schneider Schneider contactor, breaker, Schneider double power supply, multifunctional instrument, fire monitor
Contact information
Contact:   Liu Qin
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Changhong Industrial Zone Yueqing town Liushi City