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Suzhou Kunshan Feixiang Reverse Engineering Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Kunshan Feixiang scanner design is a professional design company. Business scope: industrial product design, reverse engineering, products Chaoshu, surveying and mapping, prototype production, product testing Surveying and mapping samples, Shouban, mould Our company introduced advanced 3D precision scanner (measuring machine). Can tolerance of form and position detection for your products. You reduce the time of data collection, which greatly improves the accuracy of the data. Applicable to auto parts, household products, communication products, computer peripherals, toy, mould etc.. Reverse engineering The samples were scanned, Shouban, model to printer, combining reverse software, heavy constitutes a three-dimensional entity. Can be directly used for mould design and manufacturing. The product outward appearance design We can according to customer requirements, through our design engineers carefully drawn, as you design a product to meet market demand. The production of hand In the design of the products, the one thing that most want to do is to want to know their own design things. What kind of appearance, and their design idea is consistent, the structure design is reasonable and the like? We would like to work to expand and develop your business assistant!
Main Products
The sample scanning, reverse engineering, prototype of Surveying and mapping, industrial product design, prototype making
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Contact:   Song Chuanguang
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  No. 3888 road 3-18 District mold equipment