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Business Model
Gansu Pharmaceutical Group in Shaanxi pharmaceutical procurement and supply station is a cross provincial level two wholesale Station, founded in 1958, is an independent legal personality of pharmaceutical enterprises, with the general taxpayer qualification. Since the establishment of the company, has won the "Gansu Province pharmaceutical business of advanced enterprise", "provincial medical double civilized enterprises", "Shou contract re credit units," provincial "four good medicine warehouse". And through the medicine management enterprise quality management certification (GSP certification) in 2004. Along with the reform of joint-stock company is completed, the company strictly in accordance with GSP management system and strict management, flexible management, annual sales exceeded 60000000 yuan. The company is located in the ancient capital of Xianyang, has a business building and warehouse area of 5000 square meters, has a staff of 128 people, pharmacists and above titles more than 50 people, 12 people practicing medicine. So far, the company has become a company with fixed assets of 50000000 yuan, with OTC's marketing department, marketing department, the Department of clinical equipment market, planning department, financial department, warehouse, the human resources department and the National more than 100 sales outlets of the modern pharmaceutical enterprises. Companies adhere to the "quality first, reputation first, common development" principle, strive to open up the market terminal, enhance market competitiveness, improve service quality, achieve higher sales efforts and the national pharmaceutical production enterprise loyal cooperation, take the product as the lifeline, integrity agents, for the factory wholeheartedly to open up the market, honest investment, careful management, strive for a win-win situation. Especially from 1998 in recent ten years, in cooperation with the Inner Mongolia Zhalantun pharmaceutical factory, Pingliang pharmaceutical factory, Gansu Lanzhou foci of Fuzheng Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, youth Sichuan Jiulong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Hebei Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers of products: "Yangyin Qingfei oral liquid", "Zhi five good Acanthopanax tablets", "tuberculosis pill", "dirty even pill" and "ginseng Baofei pill" and other products have achieved extraordinary sales performance has been unanimously approved manufacturers. Have saved several bankrupt enterprises, achieved good credibility and reputation. Companies with growing strength, sales network continues to improve, the near future and Tibet jinzhuyalong Tibetan Medicine Co. Ltd., Inner Mongolia Aoteqi Mongolian Limited by Share Ltd (San Francisco) Mongolian medicine factory, Tibet Naqu Tibetan medicine factory, Tibet Nielamu Tibetan medicine factory, Xi'an Fangxing pharmaceutical limited company cooperation to develop a "compound hydlrophis tincture", "Sixteen flavor Ma Lin Zi Wan," Kechuan tabel "and other new products on the market, also achieved good sales performance. Into the sun and the moon, alcohol youth, ambition as Changfeng dare break 10000 Leaper, pride like Kunpeng to Kokonoe days, a vast space, unlimited business opportunities, active market, the wise man of heaven. Sweet medicine group tree idea modernization, set the wisdom of hundreds of essence choose medicine, create brand sweet medicine group. Yesterday, our trials and hardships, a road victory; today, we meet the challenge, tireless and enterprising; tomorrow, we are full of confidence to create brilliant. Jinqiao Sifang product shelf, friends. Sweet medicine group in Xianyang medicine for the mining station staff wholeheartedly implement "manufacturers, merchants, consumers" win win win strategy of common benefit, loyal and say "I wish you success"!
Main Products
Sixteen Ma Lin Zi Wan, Fufanghaishe tincture, thirteen taste pengniao pills, seven flavour scattered grapes, breathe poisonous clear
Contact information
Contact:   Li Jingli
Addr:   Shaanxi Province  Xi'an City  Dongfeng Road Xianyang city Shaanxi Province, No. 23