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Henan Shi Ao Kang health technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Henan Shi Ao Kang health science and technology limited company is Hongkong Shi Ao Kang Ua International Group Limited subsidiary engaged in fitness equipment, health care products, traditional Chinese medicine preparation for product design, development, manufacture of professional companies. Now the company is in the original business model, fully integrated various kinds of resources of professional development, design, manufacturing has its own brand of "Shi Ao Kang" series of health class home health products, in order to fully satisfy the people to the environmental protection, leisure, fitness and bodybuilding fashion demand, the benefit of mankind. At present in the country to promote the "Shi Ao Kang" brand series of massage, foot bath, foot bath liquid, health care products in the field of their own created a remarkable performance; in order to pursue greater development in early 09, the company invested heavily in the introduction of advanced equipment, and at the same time to increase research funding, will be more high-quality products and service to repay the society. Company to "dedicated to the cause of national health, improve the quality of national life" as its mission. "Sincerity oriented, the pursuit of excellence, to create first-class, the benefit of mankind" is the lion pride Kang who has consistently adhered to the business philosophy. We sincerely hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign friends from all walks of life, to build a harmonious, healthy environment and seek common development. SAK Shi Ao Kang brand trademark registration, the "healthy, confident, China" into "Shi Ao Kang" brand interpretation of "operating norms, cooperation credit" is our set up the enterprise image, "advocating science and technology, people-oriented" is our corporate philosophy, to join the "Shi Ao Kang International", we sincerely look, invite you! Main products: Shi Ao Kang concentrated herbs footbath liquid, Shi Ao Kang brand series of massage, Shi Ao Kang foot bath, foot bath electric moxibustion. Promotion: supermarket, OTC, national franchise stores. Headquarters address: Xinxiang Hongqi Industrial Zone Tel: 0373-2626888 Fax: 0373-3692086 Http:// E-mail: SAK "Shi Ao Kang" series of massager Center for the promotion of national: Phone: 0371-60966666 Fax: 0371-66202626 Address: Zhengzhou City Bauhinia Road No. 9 purple Dongyuan Building 2 21D
Main Products
Massager, foot bath, foot bath fluid, foot bath device
Contact information
Contact:   Lei Xinghua
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Xinxiang Hongqi Industrial Zone