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 Dongguan Tangxia Litong plastic factory Brand
Business Model
Our company was founded in 1998, located in the national manufacturing city - Tangxia, Dongguan, Beijing Kowloon railway line, traffic is very convenient. In line with the management concept of "good faith management and mutually beneficial cooperation", our company has not only achieved outstanding achievements, but also won the satisfaction of our customers through the concerted efforts of all staff members. Our company specializes in developing, manufacturing, processing and marketing. We specializes in manufacturing and processing all kinds of voltage products, PVC zipper bags, certificate bags, trademarks, rope bags, stationery covers, CD sets, mobile phone sets, spectacles sleeves, products that conform to the European standard high frequency products and all kinds of handbags, time bags, silver bags and other products. The products are widely distributed and of high quality, and are exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The products are: PVC, EVA, plastic bags, TPU bags, environmental bags, zipper bags, clothing bags, hooks, inflatable bags, waterproof bags, cosmetic bags, gift bags, certificate sets, card bags, non-woven bags, plastic boxes, folding boxes, socks bags, environmental protection plastic bags, underwear bags, and the East Asian people will make every effort to make every product satisfactory to every customer. We are willing to serve sincerely. Welcome new and old customers to come to consult. Dongguan Lei Tung plastic products factory address: Dongguan City, Tangxia town 138 Industrial Zone Hongye North 1 road 3 No. 1: Telephone: 0769-87908223 Fax: 0769-87810115 contact: Miss Luo Peng Miss mobile phone: 13600299071 mail: LD@
Main Products
Plastic bags, PVC plastic bags, rope bags, time bags, PVC zipper bags.
Contact information
Contact:   Mei Yi
Addr:   Guangdong Province   Guangzhou City   Hongye North 1 Road No. 3