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The Oriental kindergarten teachers school is a teacher training school specializing in the training of kindergarten teachers, which is made up of the Central Television University, Shijiazhuang radio and TV University and Shijiazhuang Oriental Education special school. The school is located in Hongxing garden, 56 Hongxing street in the north of Shijiazhuang. It has beautiful scenery and unique architectural style. The campus echoes with the surrounding residential buildings, forming a unique humanistic environment. Students are often combined with residents to study in the society when they study. Kindergarten teachers' profession is a profession with special concern for the society. The quality of kindergarten teachers determines the training of children's behavior habits. Preschool education experience tells us that preschool education in kindergartens will have a profound impact on the behavior of a child. A Nobel laureate once said that his success was due to good education and good habits in early childhood. The vows of professional teachers in our school have condensed the importance of the whole society. The pledge is: I wish to become a professional teacher, be loyal to the people's educational cause, fulfill the sacred duties of teachers, and implement the party's educational policy. In accordance with the law, we should teach in accordance with the law, love our work and respect our profession, uphold science, enlighten our minds and seek truth, cultivate our moral integrity, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, keep pace with the times and be bold in innovation. I will always bear in mind my responsibilities, create noble personality, pass the torch of civilization, and strive for the progress of human society. After years of accumulation, the Oriental kindergarten teachers' school, which specializes in training kindergarten teachers, has formed a unique campus culture. The teaching idea of "promoting learning through acting and promoting teaching by acting" has significantly improved the teaching level of teachers, and improved the comprehensive artistic quality of students. Strict culture foundation training, such as "small forum" activity, requires every student to learn to lecture, and to score every semester. "Telling stories" is the basic skill of every preschool education that every student must master. This skill is evaluated every semester. The school often organizes students to participate in social performance activities, so as to train students' social adaptability. Every time they take part in social performances, they are warmly welcomed by the masses. Under the general concern of the society, students have been booked before graduation. The school now has four electronic piano rooms, a piano studio, more than 150 electronic piano and a piano, a computer room optical fiber access, an independent IP address, two dance practice rooms, Montessori experience classroom, an independent multi-function rehearsal hall, etc. In the past thirty years since the reform and opening up, with the further deepening of the reform of the national educational system, higher vocational education has been gradually moving towards universal education, and the input of the country has been increasing. This will surely create a benign development space for our school's development. The future of the Oriental kindergarten teacher school will be better.
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