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 Beijing lingbee bag and suitcase company Brand
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Luggage factory - customized computer bag - customized Backpack - Beijing lingbee luggage company It is a more than ten years of research and development, design, production and sales of a series of products including computer bag, backpack, waist bag, satchel, student bag, instrument kit, canvas bag, travelling bag and pull rod box. The design of the bee bee bag is designed to blend the fashionable and classic design style. It is elegant and steady, concise and elegant, without losing the flavor of the times. The business of Ling bee service involves all walks of life, and has established close cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign enterprises. Such as: GOOGLE, Sina, KFC, Dongfeng logo, Annan dairy, American EAS, Lenovo, Haier, Mengniu, and various gift companies. Welcome to make samples and make bags.
Main Products
Custom-made Computer Bag Backpack Travel Bag Western bag
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Contact:   Yang De Xin
Addr:   Beijing City   Beijing City   Chaoyang District Chaoyang new town five District 1-2-102