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Dongyang City Wan Haiting Trading Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
"Dongyang city Heyting Trade Co. Ltd is a newly established by Internet application services based trading company, set up under the" million Heyting network marketing agency ", is a professional committed to the network marketing service agencies to provide one-stop e-commerce solutions for enterprises, to help brand businesses through the global e-commerce sales chain and improve the sales channels, enhance the brand value of enterprises, high-tech enterprises to provide Internet application services for enterprise informationization. The core mission million Heyting network marketing organization is to help enterprises to break through the traditional mode of operation, the implementation of network marketing is more convenient, faster and more effective. The core culture: God, integrity gratitude, equal respect, 1+1 >3. Business philosophy: responsibility to ensure that all. Operational objectives: perfection, innovation. Operating purposes: efficient service, excellent quality. The value of philosophy: to help others achieve their ideal is to help achieve the ideal. We aspire to become Dongyang's own local Internet application services, information services, marketing planning experts. Provide professional network knowledge, business negotiation, marketing skills and other related knowledge training for the staff.
Main Products
Website construction, network promotion
Contact information
Contact:   Lu Donglin
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Dongyang city street landscape Wu Ning Road No. 40