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Wuhan future window professional film and television production company Brand
Business Model
2000-2010 ten years of creation process, service enterprises, hundreds of retained data for twenty years! Wuhan future window film -- Promo professional film and television advertising, business creation! The scope of business: - Video Production: image films, propaganda films, feature films, commercials, shopping, shopping sheet - Photography: meetings, events, celebrations, parties, exhibitions, MTV, MV, multimedia - professional film and television: HD movies, TV column packing, film and television, issuance, column cooperation contract We (the future window) advantage: The hardware window of the future: Quan Gaoqing video recording system, large digital studio, digital recording studio, broadcast digital video systems, real-time non-linear editing system, professional 3D graphics workstation, 3-D network formation system. The software window of the future: ten years of experience in film and television production, a number of senior talent inside and outside the province, a director, senior planner, senior cameraman, lighting engineer, senior 3D animator, senior editor. The strength of future window: making hundreds of enterprise publicity, thousands of product advertising! The successful cooperation of the well-known enterprises have: The world 500 strong enterprises -- Siemens transformer; Chinese 500 strong enterprises -- the Wuhan Iron and steel (Group), Chinese CSC (Group), Daye nonferrous, Kyushu, Dongfeng automobile; Top 100 enterprises in Hubei Province, central China Power Grid -- power company, Dongfeng passenger car chassis, Dongfeng Honda, Xiangfan power plant, Fiberhome technology, Zhijiang wine, Hankou Huagong technology, Wuhan Iron and steel rolling mill, Tianyi Science and technology, Hong Yang machinery plant, rice, -, Qixing automobile............ The service window of the future: for long-term corporate customers, take the membership discount service. ? photography booking service, no deposit, within call! Production data archiving? Free, permanent retention, call at any time! ? continue to accumulate sharing, massive material resources, free use of! The long-term cooperation customers? Many times, more affordable, more free! We can do, never let you use a distraction; we can't do, will certainly help you do better! To provide professional, Wuhan future window professional film and television -- is willing to provide you with high quality, efficient service! More business areas: commercials, promos, shopping films, direct marketing, investment piece, bid sheet, profile sheets, image films, feature films, animated documentary, data sheet, report sheet, demo, video production, corporate image films, product advertising tablets, drug merchants piece, three-dimensional animation
Main Products
Photography, film and television production; enterprise promotional film, special subject piece, product introduction piece, TV ad piece, three-dimensional animation, documentary film creation, direct marketing planning.
Contact information
Contact:   Dai Hongwu
Addr:   Hubei Province  Wuhan City  Wuhan City Hankou cooperation Road Xinli building 7FA5