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Business Model
The company's long-term commitment to the production of paper products business, specializing in the production of paper cups, Soybean Milk cup, tea cups, paper box and bag, non-woven bag and so on printed matters. We will provide free professional personalized customer typesetting. Especially the carrier bags and disposable paper cups, plastic cups of the custom office, we are the most professional, is our company main service projects, in addition to the enterprise printing pictures, welcome you to visit our company. In a paper cup production of raw materials, the factory will be the use of pure wood pulp paper for special production of paper, paper surface without bleaching treatment, does not contain chemical substances which are harmful to human body health. In full compliance with national and international standards of food hygiene, compliance with the requirements of environmental protection. In order to protect the ecological environment of human, for the sake of your health, welcomed the use of hundreds of millions of for your production of disposable environmental quality paper cups.
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Paper products printing
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Contact:   Li Wei
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Zhengzhou city Huayuan Road and the red road Zhengzhou city intersection Zheng Hua Building 6 floor