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Hangzhou golden SEIREN Rubber Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Sales of various plastic products Hangzhou gold SEIREN Rubber Co. Ltd., the company legal person owned investment plastic factory several faster, in order to meet customer demand, in 2009 May in Xiaoshan District plastic production processing factory (Hangzhou: Gold SEIREN central Plastic Co. Ltd) formally established business. Products include: all kinds of extrusion: PVC soft and hard board, ABS board, PP board, PE plate, sheet, acrylic (plexiglass), insulation board, pipe valve, fan, each kind of welding rod, bar, in the industry, is always maintained a good reputation and word-of-mouth, products favored by the majority customers love and trust. Products widely used in domestic large scale chemical supporting projects, sewage treatment works, municipal engineering, oil refining, metallurgy, fertilizer, paper, clothing, medicine and other industries. Product best-selling domestic market area. Welcome friends from all circles to visit and give guidance, visit and business negotiation.
Main Products
Plastic plate
Contact information
Contact:   Hua Qingsong
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Hangzhou Xiaoshan Station Commercial Plaza 5 No. 4-5