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Baoding Qincheng Coating Factory Brand
Business Model
Baoding Qincheng electronic equipment factory (Qincheng UV coating) is one of the earliest domestic engaged in wood coating machinery equipment of [1], UV curing system, the drying system of production and service of UV industry equipment factory. UV coating machinery can be paint coating process, reduce costs, and create product differentiation, reduce or eliminate the manufacturing process of VOC. 1, to provide furniture factory, factory floor and wooden factory is specialized in coating finishing equipment (including wood floor, wood, wall panels, plywood, door, cupboard door, foam board, high density board, calcium silicate board...) , for you to solve the cover (seal), printing, flat bottom coloring problems. 2, the design of various coating process (including wood flooring, furniture board, shutter, kitchen cabinets, solid wood door wooden lines, drawer board, ceiling (ceiling), composite board material and all kinds of intercalated finish like or special plates...) Reasonable professional planning, allowing you to improve quality, reduce costs. 3, professional wood coating machinery equipment manufacturing (including precision quantitative coating machine, precision machine coloring, fill soil (putty) machine, the curtain machine, UV (light cured) drier, far infrared dryer, automatic spraying machine).
Main Products
UV machine, light machine, roller coating machine, shower curtain machine, drying machine, spraying machine, UV board production line.
Contact information
Contact:   Jiang Haitao
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  Qingyuan Baoding Qingyuan Hebei County Center Street No. 170