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Lingyun, cherish high aspirations straight on the clouds also. Han Xiangru "adult" Fu said: "Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, to the wind, imperialism and misty misty have ambition." Ling Yougang, cloud is soft, stick the just and fierce strong trend; a soft ethereal cloud, always through. Ling Yunyi was also soft, rigid flexible and economic, adhere to the faith, heart hand in hand, 000 law from one, is also. Lingyun nunchaku club was founded in 2010 March, by the International Union Chinese nunchaku master member Li Zhendong, Hu Lu, Zhou Xi, Lei Peng founded. Aims to promote and popularize the nunchaku nunchaku movement, cultivate outstanding talents, the heritage of Chinese martial arts spirit...... .. The best environment Lingyun nunchaku Club covers an area of 400 square meters, is the country's largest nunchaku professional training center. The training ground is capacious and bright, equipment, provide the best practice stick condition for you! The strongest Teaching Lingyun coach has been awarded the seventh Hongkong International Wushu Festival stick double champion, in the domestic each big nunchaku matches, all obtained excellent ranking second place finisher. The coach is engaged in teaching have the Spring Festival nunchaku nunchaku, accumulated a wealth of teaching experience and teaching concept, is the central area of the most professional, the highest level league coach!
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Contact:   Lei Peng
Addr:   Hubei Province  Wuhan City  Xiongchu Avenue Wuhan City Wuchang District No. 998 Sun online community sports hall