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Shenzhen Tongxing Jia Electronics Co., Ltd Brand
Business Model
Shenzhen Tongxing Jia Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the electronic tools, instrumentation, welding tools, hardware, chemical products wholesale and sales of Professional Company, the main production and operation: pliers, electric screwdriver, approved wind, wind shear, hot air guns, soldering iron, soldering station, adhesive tape machine, screw machine, glue machine, microscope, magnifier, caliper, micrometer, instrument cart, net car, ESD products HAKKO Japan white series welding and tin removing tool (HAKKO936, HAKKO937, HAKKO942, HAKKO950, HAKKO850B, HAKKO852, HAKKO191, HAKKO498, HAKKO493, FX-951, FR-810) SONY Japan Sony automatic screw feeder (SAS-517, SAS-520, SAS-526, SAS-530, SAS-540, SAS-705) ASA a good helper series electric group and accessories (ASA-4000, ASA-45000, ASA-4500ESD) HIOS series electric group and accessories (CL-2000, CL-3000, CL-4000, CL-6500) ELM M-1000/ the best quality ZCUT-2 automatic tape machine down The SLD series products (SLD-936ESD, SLD-982A, SLD-698, SLD-948, SLD-697A, SLD-5600) The welding tool QUICK and anti-static (QUICK301/203/204/205/206/963/969/376/375/373/989/191/192/997/850/445/446/193/498/499/492/495/494/982) Turnover vehicle (stainless steel PCB turnover turnover box car, truck, antistatic carts, single plating line net car, four layer plating line net car, can be customized according to customer demand) Measuring tools (Mitutoyo DF series of products, Ningbo Zhongce series products, the victory of VICTOR series products Magnifier series (table F-500B, clamp type F-500) Guangxi Wuzhou: XDC-10A, XDC-10C, XTJ-4400, XTJ-4600, XTJ-3400, XYJ-2600; TD-I, TD-II): the universal bracket Ningbo Huawei series microscope; Ningbo sunny series microscope. Japanese company address: navigation building A425 room of Shenzhen city in Futian District TEL:0755-83263261 83237058
Main Products
Welding tools, torque tools, pneumatic tools, small equipment, optical instruments, chemical materials
Contact information
Contact:   Wang Huirong
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Navigation city building room A425 Futian District Shenzhen city in Futian District