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Shenzhen Letai adhesive Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shenzhen Letai adhesive Co. Ltd; is a market-oriented industrial adhesive first brand. Loctite? Has a perfect sales network, able to provide sales and technical services for the customers to complete. Our main products are; OCTITE-- loctite screw, sealant 222242243262271272 290 LOCTITE-- loctite adhesive: 31538438331513872 3873387454045405 5406 LOCTITE-- loctite adhesive 348360936113616361 3629 LOCTITE-- loctite adhesive 319324326330332392 3350 H3300 LOCTITE-- Lok Thai attak 401403406407408409 410414411412415416 417420421042124211 422423424425426443 444460495496499454 48038038232316.498 LOCTITE-- Lok Thai cylindrical parts fixing glue 603609620638641648 660680 LOCTITE-- Lok Thai liquid pipe thread locking adhesive 545554567569565577 LOCTITE-- Lok Thai plane sealing anaerobic adhesive 510515518520857457 5182 LOCTITE-- Lok Thai silicone rubber 207587593595596598 5020508356995900 5910592051405145 LOCTITE-- Lok Thai UV 349352310331063108 3128378137513201 3211330133213491 349234933494350366 3311 LOCTITE-- Lok Thai promoter 707571271373877452 74717557649770790 7360, welcome to inquire; 0755-8968595913713912408
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An adhesive
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Contact:   Hu Xiaobing
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Guangzhou  Longgang District Pinghu Town, fucheng'ao Industrial Zone