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Beijing, Tianjin, Delta hinterland Xiongxian Yuandong plastic in Jizhong plain, South Hill "North China Pearl" Baiyangdian, "South North small Hongkong" -- Baigou, the Beijing Shijiazhuang, security, Jingkaigaosu can be arrived at Xiongxian, the geographical position is superior, transportation convenience. Pipe jacking technology is a non excavation pipe jacking technology in municipal construction. Merit lies in does not affect the surrounding environment or less affected, the construction site is small, the noise is small. But also can further underground, this is the excavation of buried pipe incomparable advantages. But the pipe jacking technology also has disadvantages, the construction time is long, high cost. At present, pipe jacking technology in the world has developed to a very mature stage, appeared in a variety of ways for pipe jacking. But, not deviate from the principle, technique of pipe jacking construction are the same. Are generally perpendicular to the ground to do the work well, and then use the high-pressure hydraulic jack, cement or steel pipe jacking underground, various technical difference is a transport pipeline excavated dirt, method of stone there, there are artificial, water pumping, advanced and remote control. This technique is widely used in the developed area of our country non excavatinglaying city underground drainage pipes, gas pipelines, communication cable, etc. in pipeline. It can pass through the highway, railway, bridge, mountains, rivers, channel and the surface of any building. The technology of construction, can save a lot of land acquisition and relocation costs, reduce environmental pollution and blockage of the road, and has significant economic benefit and social benefit. 1, the development and working principle: an underground pipeline construction method after shield construction and the development of pipe jacking construction is, it does not need the excavation surface layer, and the ability to cross the road, railway, river, the ground buildings, underground structures and various underground pipelines. Pipe jacking construction with the help of the main roof tank and pipeline relay between thrust, the tool pipe or boring machine work well from passing through the soil has been pushed to the receiving well in lift. At the same time, put the following tools or boring machine after the pipeline is buried in two wells, in order to realize the non excavation construction method of underground pipeline laying. 2, the current classification, in construction of pipe jacking is the most popular three kinds of balance theory: the air pressure balance, water balance and soil pressure balance theory. Pipe jacking construction is the most prominent feature of the adaptability problem. According to the geological condition, different construction conditions and requirements of the design, selection of pipe jacking construction method and adaptive, how to choose the pipe jacking machine and ancillary equipment correctly, for pipe jacking construction will be a part of the 2 die is the key to the ejection system, pipe jacking is also called the sleeve is a hollow thimble.
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