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Guangzhou Naibo Shoes Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model

              Guangzhou Naibo Footwear Company Limited is a professional sales of the shoes, safety shoes, working shoes enterprise, is the domestic and foreign many well-known brand safety shoes, Southern China general agent, is one of the the largest wholesale, trade, scientific research as one of the.

nimble company safety shoes with upper direct injection of produced by polyurethane, safety shoes with wear-resistant, anti corrosion, acid and alkali resistant, anti-static, anti piercing, anti smashing etc.. Including product marketable areas: petroleum chemical industry, iron and steel, metallurgy, electric power, building, automobile manufacturing, and other industrial production safety field.
nimble company with the hope that the global and local partners in the field of individual security market and common development, create brilliant.
Main Products
High temperature resistant safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes, safety shoes, working shoes help, low protective shoes, Anti-static safety shoes, anti-static shoes, anti piercing safety shoes, safety shoes, oil resistant safety shoes, High protection shoes, safety shoes, black, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes
Contact information
Contact:   Zhang Shaoqiang
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Guangzhou  Guangzhou Tianhe District ban Road No. 5