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Dongguan Huang Jiang Shan mining machinery Brand
Business Model
Shan mining machinery is Taiwan Shan mining enterprises in the mainland of our company, founded in 1994, has been committed to the microcomputer belt cutting machine, microcomputer slicing machine, punching machine and other machine microcomputer development, production. Equipment put on the market, to the appearance is simple and reasonable, complete function, easy to operate and so on many merits, and soon got the leading position in the industry.
products are widely used in handbags, luggage industry, shoes and caps, plastic industry, processing all kinds of rope, belt, roll material etc..
the main products microcomputer slicing machine, microcomputer belt cutting machine, Velcro round belt cutting machine, cutting machine, automatic cutting machine, broken belt machine, high-speed punching machine feeding / receiver microcomputer, output of the whole plant equipment and so on.
the suitable materials of ribbon, belts, towing belt, elastic belt (Xiang Gen) zipper, rope, tape, plastic leather and other cutting; and the pneumatic cutting angle, cutting etc. according to the customer request improvement models.
Main Products
Microcomputer cut with machines, belt machine automatically cut ribbon, zipper cutting machine, cutting machine, electronic cutting machine, cutting machine, Velcro fillet cutting machine etc.
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Li
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Dongguan City  Guangdong Province Dongguan City Huangjiang Town cattle Po No. 82