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The company's long-term operation of women's entire section, miscellaneous section sweater, children's wear, spring and autumn outfit miscellaneous fabrics: cotton wool, rabbit hair, elastic, days of soft yarn, cotton, three seven wool, raw silk yarn, centipede hair, synthetic hair, mercerized cotton; knitted sweaters to the following summer hair type: ice, crystal silk, light song beads, light wire, mercerized cotton, stretch cotton, Matt song beads, ribbons, pure cotton etc.! The entire section can be selected goods according to the online number. The lowest volume one hundred, a minimum quantity is twenty pieces Miscellaneous optional price not only can choose the style, style can according to the customer asked about picking. Spring loaded existing is the price: 3-5-7-10 yuan, 3-5-8 yuan in summer. 5 yuan more than the adult loaded miscellaneous section has independent packing with hangtag, a price the lowest volume is 200. 5 yuan more than the adult is a quality assurance, quality problems replacement! Welcome to my company website choose style Note: the entire section is a style is a number of colors, can our website in choice of style the entire section area. The miscellaneous section is a style of only one or two pieces, every day there are different goods, so can not be selected style on the site, can be convenient to our exhibition choose style! Trading support Alipay payment, bank transfer, or to the scene order. Interested parties are welcome to call the visit: Miss Lin, Chen Xiaojie, 0769-83033766 / 83481816 / 15917671168 QQ:531740737 505153432
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Contact:   Guo Weijian
Addr:   Guangdong  Dongguan  Trade center of Dongguan wool Guangdong first floor c008