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Zhongshan Hongda Machinery Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Zhongshan Hongda Machinery, is a collection of R & D, manufacturing and sales service in one enterprise. The company was founded in 1989, was established in 1993 named "Dalian Hongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., ltd.". Through oversea company to nearly ten years of cooperation in the field of riveting machine accumulated rich industry experience. Hongda people after ten years of unremitting efforts also thanks to continuous support and love of old and new customers, "Hongda" brand series, product coverage throughout the country, sales volume ranks with the industry forefront, its excellent quality, exquisite technology, the credibility of a good service system have been widely recognized in the comments from customers generally large. "Hongda" brand products are bags, Childs vehicles, cool chair, aluminum box, shoes and hats, lighting and hardware manufacturing industry of essential production equipment, the main equipment: large four pillars of high-speed hydraulic cutting machine, various specifications of the various specifications of the whole self full auto, semi automatic machinery riveters, corn machine, button machine, riveting, cutting machine etc.. Bring forth the new through the old, precise time, labor saving, labor saving is our pursuit, is also characteristic of "Hongda" brand, is your wise choice.
Main Products
The company is for all products manufacturers need to do riveting use - rivet machine, corn machine, button machine and other equipment. The company is composed of R & D, production, machinery enterprise sales. According to the customer requirements can be fully provide solutions ~!! contact Tel: 13144917363 0760-86227705 (DU)
Contact information
Addr:   Guangdong  Zhongshan City  Zhongshan city Shaxi town Qijiang road Ling Hou Heng Road No. 3