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Foshan sea Jiashi Garments Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Foshan sea KRAS clothing Limited company is a diversified business model, set of e-commerce, wholesale and retail, agent to join, chain direct sales in one of the professional clothing sales company. Located in one of the four famous towns in Guangdong Shun De Chencun Town, here transportation is convenient, economy developed, perfect logistics network. Company in a short span of time of half an year already in the Pearl River Delta area is provided with more than a dozen straight camp shop. The implementation of professional management pattern brand sea KRAS, scientific and flexible use of direct marketing and franchising business strategy, set up a good faith, innovation, high efficiency, and cohesive management team. To understand and communicate with customers after the full range of internal and external image, store, and product display elements arranged, sales skills training, provide special zone, professional, quality service. At present the company flagship brand HYCLASS and Shankar, gathers the domestic high-end products in the famous dress brand, and strategic alliances, brand retail price is in mostly 200-1000 yuan / piece (set) or so, and the company products in the retail price of the average control in the 40-250 yuan / piece (set) or so, and the goods and the brands listed apart most time short, only 20 days, compared to the original brand, high quality and inexpensive, ultra low discount, has a strong competitive advantage, resulting in an extremely low investment risk, to achieve stable and lucrative returns, so that you can quickly get return on investment. The company spirit of "integrity management, customer first, quality first, you make money, I development" business purposes. "Create professional quality, service and create brand", welcome to engage in women brand discount discount brand, engaged in the development of the cause, or entrepreneurial dream of you come to call to consult, investigation. Sea KRAS clothing Limited company is willing to work with you hand in hand, and common development, sharing the great development opportunities women brand discount, welcome to patronize! Welcome to visit the enterprise site:
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Addr:   Guangdong  Foshan  Shunde City District Foshan Chen Cun Zhen Bai Chen Road No. 66 building (next to the orchids market)