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Dongguan Jinhu Clothing Co., Ltd (2008 to integrate historic business re registration), formerly conniefox Fashion Co., Ltd was founded in 1998, the company is located in the Chinese fashion capital -- Humen, Guangdong dress is the base of research and development. Is a set design, production, sales in one of the brand dress production enterprises. Under the Dongguan City, a wing Fox Fashion Factory sits on several thousand square meters living plant, hundreds of cars imported clothing, hundreds of skilled staff, a large number of meta dress industry technology and management of the elite, and laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises. Companies adhering to the "integrity, service, brand, development" business philosophy, quoted dress tide, tree service model, creating a strong brand! To enable consumers to enjoy a comfortable experience value. At the same time, the company spirit of "performance is limited, unlimited service" principle of service, to promote a comprehensive awareness of service, establish a good image of the brand, enhance the company's reputation. The company belongs to "creative Fox" is Chinese first dress brand, the product design is exquisite, the quality of excellence, with its noble, graceful, the fashion image by the majority of consumers. Has become a China many dress brand the most personality, "creative Fox" is leading the Chinese fashion dress, dress market driven development. With distinctive brand style and pragmatic business style, the company expanded the remarkable achievements in the aspects of market and sales. Company and the international market success practice, continue to quality products, excellent service international marketing; using independent import and export rights, provide more dedicated service for overseas customers. In recent years, Jinhu clothing company at hand heavily into marketing, human resources, image design of the professional consultant team, actively carry out the "pragmatic, cooperation, rectification, improve" movement, consolidate Chinese first dress brand position.
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