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Ginza Henan Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is located in Asia's largest railway marshalling station -- Henan Zhengzhou, favorable geographical environment, improve the industrial advantages, strong support from all walks of life, the Ginza business people unremitting efforts, the achievements of today Ginza trading automatic shoe cover machine brilliant.


, Ginza trading foot seamless shoe cover machine company has more than 100 sets of stamping parts stamping factory machine, high standard professional spring factory, carton factory production, the absolute production capacity. Technical engineer with three years of experience in assembly debugging continuous research, create quality industry recognized.

two, Ginza trading foot seamless automatic shoe cover machine supplied accessories products are exported to many countries, and won recognition and praise of customers abroad, many peer manufacturers to cooperate with our company is very happy, and obtain a win-win!

three, Ginza trading foot seamless automatic shoe cover machine not only pay attention to our long-term cooperation with customers and provide the weight, small wholesale, mixed group of group purchase, customers regardless of size, as long as you want to cooperate, we will wholeheartedly for your service, and with your business needs!

four, Ginza trading foot seamless automatic shoe cover machine, with reasonable inventory of finished products, products with the spot, with the hair, not to delay orders opportunities.

five, Ginza trading foot seamless automatic shoe cover machine, with the dealer sales, win more customers, and increase the demand of common consumer products and shoe cover machine, dealers can selectively mixed batch purchase sales, as the cost of sales, but they can earn more profit.

six, Ginza trading foot seamless automatic shoe cover machine, dealers do not have any menace from the "rear" customer service, it can get to know the company's customers, within a year the company's products have any non-human quality problems, the company of all new, do customers absolute satisfaction!

"Ginza trade" the soul to quality service, the existing achievements as a new starting line, achieve industrial scale, team occupation, quality standard. To produce more and better quality products and services to human, social return!

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Contact:   Wang Jingli
Addr:   Henan Province  The city of Zhengzhou  East Street and the Yellow River Road, 100 meters south (North) - Shang Ding Lu and Juyuan Road 100 meters to the West (East)